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Educational Enrichment

The best answer to inequality is growing the pie. This starts with educating our students about $$$$.

Our education system does not prioritize financial literacy the way it needs to. That shortcoming is coupled with the undeniable fact that those in the lowest income bracket are often left out of reaping the rewards of the free market due to a lack of capital and/or know how. 


This demographic is a key component of the economic engine of New York City. I am proposing a series of investment programs designed to foster a rightful ownership in the economic system which in turn will drive growth in the city at large. 


On 96th and Amsterdam, high above the CVS, etched into the awning of an old bank, there is a quote from Abraham Lincoln that reads: "Teach economy. That is one of the first and highest virtues. It begins with saving money."


There is plenty of good in District 6, let's be at the forefront of expanding it through our longest term investments: our district's youth. 


My areas of focus include:

1. Financial Literacy - I will be announcing the launch of a new pilot program geared towards educating about financial literacy and promoting an ownership of the economic system. 


2. At Home Enrichment - My pilot program will be one of the first of many to address this issue. Our students are spending more time at home than ever. We will see to it that they are provided with good programs and opportunities to grow. 


3. Brand Opportunities - In tandem with our Start Up Retail program to address the Storefront crisis, we will provide our youth with contests of ideas for venues, networking opportunities with entrepreneurs, and government sponsored grants for start up costs. There is no better place for the next great American idea to be born than District 6.  


4. Universal Basic Investment - The most ambitious of my proposals is also completely doable with the bully pulpit of City Hall. New York City spends on average $28,808 per student each year. By setting aside a mere $500 a year for students who complete the K-12 public school track, we will be congratulating graduating seniors with an earned $6,000 worth of buy in to mutual funds. With a realigned focus towards financial literacy in the classroom and at home, our students will be equipped to grow this money and begin their adulthood with a net of savings.    

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