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Zack Weiner is not a career politician.

He is a WGA Screenwriter, actor and film producer.

The creative process taught Zack about generating novel ideas in a collaborative way.

On the business end, Zack co-founded Stag Pictures, an independent film production company, with three friends from Yeshiva in 2014 during their not so wild college years.

Since then, Stag has grown, producing three movies that have altogether grossed in excess of $1 million.

While profit margins remain slim, working at Stag has taught Zack much about balancing budgets, negotiating with unions and motivating large teams.

Zack is a life long Upper West Sider who attended Chabad pre-school, Manhattan Day School, Ramaz, New School, and Bard. He majored in history, and thrived in his urban design courses.


Since being crowned National History Day City Wide Champion, Zack has maintained a strong interest in New York City’s past and the process of shaping its future. He is an intensely curious individual who spends his free time studying influential New Yorkers: Jane Jacobs to Robert Moses, Ed Koch to Jimmy Breslin. 

Zack believes his unorthodox skill set is better suited to the current crises which call for creative answers and business minded execution.

The leadership takes the Upper West Side for granted. They do not offer new ideas. Instead we are given lectures and raw one sided deals.

Zack has new ideas for the neighborhood he loves. He will not stand for bad deals that hurt our quality of life and neglect the homeless under the false pretext of moral righteousness. 


Zack is writing a better script for tomorrow’s New York inspired by the vision of his community.


It’s a script which is open to edits from you, the voter, and only you. 


On June 22nd, vote Weiner to start production.

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